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Is the Rabbit Vibrator meant for you?

First things first, for those of you who haven’t heard of or those of you who don’t know what Rabbit Vibrators are, allow me to paint a picture. These vibrators have two (usually soft but strong) limbs shaped like the ears of a rabbit. These rabbit ears enable pleasuring the clitoris and the G-spot inside the Vagina simultaneously. The longer and thicker limb penetrate deep inside your vagina to pleasure the G-spot. The shorter limb vibrates on the clitoris, stimulating both the erotic regions of the pussy at the same time. More often than not, this leads to a toe-curling, eye-rolling, squirming orgasm among ladies.

They come in various shapes and sizes!

Unlike human penises, Rabbit vibrators come in various shapes and sizes, except they are more versatile, explicitly designed to bring optimum pleasure to women. The Rabbit vibrator has evolved to accommodate various sexual kinks and satisfy every pleasure point.

Some of the popular vibrators in this category are:

  • Lelo Soraya Wave
  • Hop-Oh! Bunny
  • Satisfier Hot Lover
  • Jessica Rabbit
  • Shameless tease

I have only tried the Womanizer Duo and the Lelo Soraya 2 (both of which have been distinct heavenly experiences). However, if you are aroused by anal penetration, opting for the Happy Rabbit Triple Vibrator would be your best choice. In addition to the two vibrating rabbit ears, it has a sturdy beaded limb that can be inserted into your anal cavity to provide optimum pleasure.

Mechanism and Working

Rabbit vibrators are usually made out of waterproof and body-safe silicone material. However, to be sure, you must always opt for well-known brands. Having used the Lelo Soraya and Womanizer Duo, I can say with conviction that both of them are incredibly body safe and waterproof.

Coming to the working of these sex toys, all of them comprise an internal rotating plus vibrating shaft with various pulsating intensities. The vibrators have 10 to 15 different vibration settings; you can set your vibrator to the intensity of your liking as per your mood. Perhaps at level 2 when you are just beginning to get horny and then increase it to a level 7 or 11, depending on how wild you feel!

Speaking from personal experience, rabbit vibrators have revolutionized orgasms for me. These vibrators provide a titillating, combined feeling of sucking, vibrating, penetrating, and kissing once you find the intensities that fit your vagina best. A piece of advice – always lubes up when switching to higher levels of vibrating intensity.

Who can use it?

If you are a masturbator who has only used her fingers so far, then you would love the surreal experience that a vibrator will provide. You will no longer have to work for it, just lie down and immerse yourself in the experience.

  • The rabbit vibrators are also suitable for women who have just started to explore their sexual kinks and want to experiment with masturbation.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are single or taken. The rabbit vibrator can be used in bed with your partner and when you decide to fly solo.
  • Since they come in various shapes and sizes, women who prefer girth can opt for the more bulbous-shaped ones. Women who do not like width can opt for the ones that are thinner and usually longer in shape.
  • The clitoral massager also comes in various forms. Some provide the sucking experience, whereas others apply pressure on the clit and vibrate. It is because of their diversity that Rabbit Vibrators can be used by ladies all over the world.

Drawbacks of the Rabbit Vibrator

It is incredibly crucial that you carefully choose a vibrator that will appropriately pleasure you. If I had to criticize these new-age sex toys, one of the apparent drawbacks would be that the clitoral limb is often short and non-adjustable. This implies that if you do not fully insert the dildo-like shaft inside your vagina, there is a high chance that the limb that is made to pleasure the clit will not reach it.

Since these vibrators have become extremely common today, low-quality ones must be on the market. Make sure you always opt for the body-friendly silicon material ones. The non-body friendly ones disturb the pH of your vagina, causing itching, burning sensations, and irritation.

Also, look out for the vibrating rabbit massagers tagged ‘whisper-quiet.’ Those are often not entirely quiet. Snooping ears often tend to be able to hear them even when you have set them at a level 3 or 4.

Advice for new users

Personally speaking, the experience with both the Rabbit vibrators from this website I have used has been quite enjoyable. I have not hesitated to use them even during intercourse with my partner to spice things up. It is safe to say that the vibrators will work wonders if you or your partner is aware of your turn-ons.

I was skeptical the first time but soon familiarised myself with the modes, settings, and thrusts. As a first-timer, I would recommend you initially set it at lower vibration intensity (Preferably a 3 or 4) and massage your labia. This turns on most women. At this point, you might want to switch to a higher vibration frequency (say a 7 or 9) and apply any water-based lube to it. You then slowly insert it into your vaginal cavity up to your comfort level and place the other limb on your clit. As you get wet and more sexed up, insert it up further to your G-spot. Keep it at that position or occasionally rotate it with your legs spread apart and your lower body relaxed to derive optimum pleasure from the naughty, vibrating rabbit ears.

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